Case Study: Chiswick Park, London


Chiswick Park, Chiswick, London
Six prestigious office buildings in a water-park setting


Some seventy four thousand metres of raised access floors were installed throughout the office areas and the void beneath was to function as an air plenum.

In the interests of energy conservation and efficient utilisation of mechanical plant, the floor in all areas was required to be pressure tested and measured for air tightness.


Carried out during the fit-out phase, our enhanced on-site testing service and purpose-made test equipment enabled us to provide timely results to a high degree of accuracy.

By working closely with the Specialist Subcontractor, the stringent air tightness specification was achieved on all areas of the raised access floors and the associated physical boundaries forming the voids beneath.

Our succinct reports were then available for incorporation into the respective building O & M Manual.

The total area of similar recent tests we have carried out on a wide variety of projects in the UK now exceeds one hundred and ten thousand square metres.